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How to Support a “Scattered” Child

“How can my child be so smart, yet fail every subject?” This is a common question from parents of bright children. The answer: your child is smart, but scattered. Peg Dawson, international author and presenter on executive functioning, described the impact of executive functioning in her presentation to special education staff in the Federal Way Public Schools. Executive functions are

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Emotion Regulation: The Key to Adequate Socializing

Many of the kids we work with struggle with regulating their emotions. Inadequate emotion regulation can look different depending on the child and the situation. Often, we see kids get frustrated with a situation or peer. Sometimes kids may act out, throwing a tantrum, calling names or crying. Other times, we see them internalize their emotions by shutting down. Or even

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Why Aspiring Youth Might be the Perfect Camp for Your Child

Now that school is out, it’s time to think about getting your kids involved in summer programs. With options like sports camps, tutoring sessions and wilderness clubs (not to mention good old fashioned unstructured boredom) it can be hard to decide which camp might be best for your child. Maybe you want your child to try something new, but aren’t

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The United States of Autism

Understanding autism throughout the country  It’s no secret that autism spectrum disorder is increasing in prevalence, especially in the United States. There is no race, region, or social class exempt from the impacts of autism. This is clearly demonstrated in the 2013 documentary The United States of Autism, whose host and director, Richard Everts, travels across the country and interviews

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Social media and teens

Social networking has become a big part of how we keep in contact with family and friends. It allows us to share ideas and connect with people. Given that the cyber world can also be daunting, parents tend to breathe a sigh of relief when their teen has little interest in creating a Facebook account. My brother, who will be

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Can my teen attend college?

Thinking about college can be an intimidating challenge for teens on the autism spectrum, but maybe even more so for their parents. How will children manage without their special education case managers? How will they do without their social-emotional or behavioral supports in place? Might they flounder in the seas of large lecture classrooms? And of course those executive functioning skills: attention, organization, planning…

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Changing behavior: The ABCs

Understanding behaviors can be… challenging. We often hear from parents and teachers: “She won’t stop doing it, even though I’ve asked her to stop.” “It doesn’t matter what punishment I give. He still does it.” To truly understand the behavior and how to change it, we need to know exactly what the challenging behavior looks like, what “triggers it”, and

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Increase activity. Increase achievement.

Many of the kids we know and love show signs of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. We often see this interfering with their school performance. A study recently published in Clinical Neuropsychology supported the idea that children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have better cognitive performance when they’re allowed to engage in physical activity. What the study found: The researchers compared

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Social Skills: Beyond being nice

We’ve all seen it. The kid who walks up to you, stares you right in the eyes, gives you a big cheesy smile and says “Hello!” while awkwardly shaking your hand. We train our kids to do this. I’ve worked with people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in various capacities and hate to admit that I’m very guilty of this.

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