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Making A Difference For Young Adults With Autism

This story, written by Abbie Richert, was originally published in Plateau Living (April 2017) with a similar article in Madison Park Living (April 2017). You can find local copies in Sammamish or Madison Valley (Seattle). It is reprinted here with permission from the author. For young adults with autism, visibility and acceptance in the community are cornerstones of their personal and professional

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Activity League: Bowling | A sports league for quirky kids.

Join us this spring for the 5-week Aspiring Youth Activity League! Sports offer a unique opportunity for our students to develop in both body and mind, as they work to build their athletic abilities as well as the nuanced social skills needed to form a cohesive team. The Activity League brings Aspiring Youth’s social skills curriculum to the playfield, providing

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Introducing Magic Mondays!

Group members work on communication skills while playing Magic: The Gathering (card game) in a facilitated setting. Our group facilitators make sure that there is productive conversation during the game and that group members learn about being a good sport win or lose. Ages 8-18. Group members bring their own decks. ENROLL NOW Seattle: Mondays | Co-ed | 5:45-7pm |

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Winter break camps: Fun. Social skills. Field trips. Hot chocolate.

An ongoing tradition, winter break camp is a fun opportunity to connect with friends while pursuing games, activities and excursions. Our master’s level counselors make sure that winter break is a place for students to recharge while building social skills and confidence. Mornings: Students select from their favorite activities: Outdoor games and the Challenge Course Board games, Magic the Gathering

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School year programs now enrolling

Enrollment opens for social skills groups UPDATED: Enroll now through our website in Aspiring Youth’s Social Skills Groups! Beginning in early October, our master’s level facilitators help participants identify and practice new skills, establish friendships and boost self-esteem. TIMES & LOCATIONS >> New to Aspiring Youth social skills groups? Schedule your enrollment meeting. AGE-BASED GROUPS: Topic-driven discussion ● Reinforcing games and activities ● Groups available for ages 8 to 19. THEME-BASED GROUPS: Social

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Emotion Regulation: The Key to Adequate Socializing

Many of the kids we work with struggle with regulating their emotions. Inadequate emotion regulation can look different depending on the child and the situation. Often, we see kids get frustrated with a situation or peer. Sometimes kids may act out, throwing a tantrum, calling names or crying. Other times, we see them internalize their emotions by shutting down. Or even

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Announcing: Bainbridge Island Summer Camps!

New location on Bainbridge Island at Strawberry Hill Park! In our traditional camps we offer exciting activity choices from Legos to art to nature hikes. With these incredible enrichment activities as a foundation, our master’s level counselors help campers build confidence and connect to new friends. Social Growth Topics We work with parents and campers to formulate individualized social learning goals such as: Conversation initiation, flexibility, leadership, sharing ideas, sustaining conversations,

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Achievement unlocked: relationship

With a lot of the teenage guys with whom I work, dating is a serious goal and a serious headache. Most of them have a lot of misperceptions about what it takes to—in their words–“get a girlfriend.” There are many misperceptions about this process—and it is a process…an ongoing one. My hope is that teenagers (and parents) walk away with

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Social media and teens

Social networking has become a big part of how we keep in contact with family and friends. It allows us to share ideas and connect with people. Given that the cyber world can also be daunting, parents tend to breathe a sigh of relief when their teen has little interest in creating a Facebook account. My brother, who will be

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Dungeons & Dragons & Social skills

What is Dungeons & Dragons? Why does Aspiring Youth use it in one of our social skills groups? And why is it one of our most popular groups? While some of our students’ parents have played it themselves, many don’t really know what it’s all about. Read on if you’re either unfamiliar with the game or how we use it.

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